Snacks with a Daring Twist

Feast on your curiosity and discover your favorite new snack.

Chocolate, popcorn, and salty snacks with a daring twist.

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Daringly delicious crickets for the curious snacker

Our story begins when three little boys brought home a cricket cookie. Mom (nurse) and Dad (environmental lawyer), once over the initial shock, started to explore the benefits of crickets for their health and for the planet.

Now, the 3 Cricketeers triple dog dare you to bring home one of their favorite snacks: with crickets.

From the 3 Cricketeers

We triple dog dare you to try our favorites!

Shop each of the 3 Cricketeers' favorite snacks - crunchy, nutty, sweet, and salty.

From Daring

Adventurous, daring tasters will love our chocolates, popcorn, and snack mixes.

To Caring

You'll learn how much we can help the planet - and your own health - by adding crickets to your diet.

To Sharing

Our handmade treats and snacks are so good you'll want to share!

Delicious & Kid-approved

From school lunch to summer snacking, the 3 Cricketeers have crafted these super critters into tasty snacks that are kid-inspired and kid-approved! Our family created 3 Cricketeers to bring delicious crickets to yours.


Delicious & Macronutrient dense. Crickets? Let's access their superpowers! They provide 2x the protein of beef, gut-healing prebiotic fiber, an excellent source of vitamin B12, and more calcium than milk!

Sustainable, feel good snacking

Our existing food source feeds us, but not the planet. Who knew that one little bug could help solve that. Requiring only a fraction of the resources needed for conventional sources of protein, the cricket's sustainable superpowers are just beginning to be unlocked!


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