Claire's Happy Tummy Smoothie

As a co-founder of an urban cricket farm, I spend a lot of time finding delicious new ways to add crickets and cricket powder to every day foods. As a nurse and whole food enthusiast, I make a lot of health and nutrition-focused foods. This recipe is a perfect example. 

At the beginning of every day, I'm not just a Cricketeer--I'm a busy mom. And making smoothies for the family is a great way to get nutrition into my kids quickly. Most of the time I'm looking for quick and simple recipes with minimal ingredients. I'll admit--this isn't one of those. But when I have more time, this is the recipe I like most. And there are three key ingredients that help keep my tummy happy: turmeric, ginger, and of course cricket powder. 

  • Turmeric contains curcumin, which reduces inflammation. Like cricket powder, there's positive research looking at the impact of curcumin on Crohn's disease and IBS. And it adds nice color to this smoothie. 
  • Ginger can cut down on causes of bloating and gas, and blocks the signals that trigger nausea. Ginger has been used for centuries to calm upset stomachs. And of course it tastes great!
  • Cricket powder is full of protein, omegas, and pre-biotic fiber. Studies are starting to show how cricket powder helps foster a healthy gut biome by facilitating the growth of key bacteria. More on the health benefits of cricket powder here.      

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