Chocolate Chip Cricket Cookies

Is there anything better than classic chocolate chip cookies? You betcha! Once you add a little cricket powder--packed with protein, healthy fats, and pre-biotic fiber--you improve the flavor and nutritional profile. Try 'em once and we think you'll agree it's an improvement over the traditional yellow bag of chocolate chips recipe.

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  • Jeff Ewald on Jul 01, 2024

    I made the chocolate lovers cookies first (duh), but tried these out as well! Equally amazing and turned out a little better for me (more familiar?). I love having an after dinner cookie knowing I’m getting s fiber boost and nutritious protein. I feel this is a more natural product vs artificial powders.

  • Mike Berkland on Jun 27, 2024

    Always looking for ways to sneak something healthy into the snacks I give my kids, I made these cookies and the kids loved them! and got some protein.

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