Banana Walnut Cricket Bread

Warm banana bread is a treat unlike any other. From the moment you begin making it and for the next few hours, the kitchen (if not the entire house) smells wonderful, and everybody's in a good mood. Walnuts give this bread an important textural element, and the cricket powder works wonders with the cinnamon and overripe bananas. 

This is another recipe that elicits shocked reviews like "I can't believe there's cricket powder in this!" The powder flavor compliments the other ingredients so well; we're not trying to hide it. In fact, we use a little more powder in this bread than in some other recipes. And it has the added benefit of adding fiber and protein, and cutting out some of the refined carbs.

Give this one a try, and feel free to sub out/in your own ideas. Try different nuts, add dried fruits like dates or raisins, add vanilla icing, or top it with ice cream and caramel for a decadent dessert. Just don't sleep on this one -- it's a classic.     


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  • Brian G on Jul 09, 2024

    I’ve been making the same banana bread recipe (Joy of Cooking) for decades, but we have a new champion here. The buttermilk adds depth to the bread’s flavor, and the extra protein from the cricket is a welcome and utterly undetectable addition.

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