Chocolate Lover's Cricket Cookie

Sometimes my sweet tooth gets a hold of me. (Have you noticed how many of our products involve chocolate?) This recipe is the result of a serious craving for cocoa and crickets together, and it's one of my favorites. In fact, it was published in Artful Living a few years ago and we still get comments about it. 

If you've been browsing through our recipes, you may get the impression that I put crickets or cricket powder in everything I make. While it's true that I'm always trying new things, I know that crickets aren't for everyone. And it's not the taste; it's the idea. Lots people simply refuse to try anything with crickets, and I never force the issue. 

But for people who are interested in trying crickets, but worried about the flavor, this is the recipe to make. Only very advanced palettes can pick up the cricket powder flavor in this cookie. I even messed up a side-by-side comparison on this one, and I eat crickets every day. So give this one a shot and be sure to leave some to share. They're always a hit!  


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  • Jeff Eeald on Jul 01, 2024

    These cookies are fantastic! I have some work to perfect them, but they turned out great, save the chef. I’ve been looking for higher fiber recipes that aren’t grains and nuts. Love this one!

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