Guacamole with Crispy Chili Lime Crickets

Guacamole is one of my favorite foods--I'm certainly not alone. As a cricket farmer, I've always been interested in indigenous foods from Mexico, where crickets and grasshoppers have been part of the cuisine for centuries. It was on a midwinter trip to escape the Minnesota cold that I tried fried crickets on top of a creamy avocado spread, and I loved it. This was even before we opened the Urban Cricket Farm. 

Since then, I've been dabbling with different recipes and combinations for guac with crickets, and this one is my go-to version for a few reasons:

  1. It uses only a few ingredients that we usually have in the kitchen. Some complex recipes are fantastic, but they require more time and a trip to the produce mart.   
  2. It's a creamy, not chunky, guacamole. I like it this way because it emphasizes the contrast between the smooth, creamy avocado and the crisp, crunchy crickets.
  3. The crickets add most of the spice, so if we have gentle palettes, we can separate the batch into two bowls. One with crickets, and one without.

But feel free to mess around with this basic idea. And of course, let us know how you like it! You can submit your own recipe idea here.


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  • Mike Berkland on Jun 27, 2024

    This one was pretty good! I like the crispy mixed with the creamy, also the visual was a crowdpleaser with the group I served it to. I like the addition of cumin, too.

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