Whole Wheat Cricket Pasta

If you've ever made your own pasta, you know how simple it is. Just a few high-quality ingredients and you've got the parts for almost any kind of noodle. If you swap a little of the flour for cricket powder, you get cricket pasta. 

With the addition of cricket powder, your pasta becomes a nutritional powerhouse. It's a great way to sneak some fiber and protein into buttered noodles for the kids. But even more importantly, cricket powder adds a subtle nutty flavor that goes very well pasta -- just like pine nuts and parmesan cheese.

How do I use it? Anytime I'm making pasta from scratch, I make one batch of cricket pasta and one batch of traditional pasta, just for the sake of comparison. Because there aren't many ingredients in pasta, you can definitely tell the difference, and I love it. 

I usually top it with my cricket pesto, but I also make a cold pasta and vegetable summer salad with Italian vinaigrette and hunks of mozzarella. (I'll get those recipes up ASAP.)

But pasta is infinitely adjustable; this is just a good place to start. Let me know how you make yours!   



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  • Jeff Ewald on Jul 01, 2024

    I have made fresh pasta in 20 years before trying this one, we even have a hand crank pasta maker! Loved this so much there’s no way anyone would know about the ‘secret’ ingredient. When asked how I make it, I do tell!

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